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Call for Workshop Proposals for the 19th Annual ICA Mobile Pre-conference, ICA 2022

The 19th annual ICA Mobile Pre-conference 2022

Emerging Trends and Practices Around the Globe in Mobile Media & Communication

25 May 2022

Deadline for Workshop Proposals: 19 January 2022

Local Host: Department of Social Science (Telecom-Paris) & I3 (Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation, CNRS, UMR 9217)

Location: Telecom Paris, Saclay, France

Please find the fall Call-for-Papers with all the details about the preconference here!

For 19 years, the ICA Mobile Pre-Conference has been an interdisciplinary gathering of scholars, researchers, and practitioners who focus on mobile communication research. This year, our community considers our experiences these past two years, during which our field was more relevant than ever: Mobile media played a key role in the support of (socially isolated) individuals’ social lives. It was also crucial for the management of the pandemic, for instance, through the development of Bluetooth-based contact tracing applications. As the pandemic is moving into a new phase, these experiences invite us to reflect on the future of our field. What are emerging trends and practices in mobile media and communication around the Globe? What are the opportunities, risks, challenges of these emerging trends and practices for individuals and society? How should our scholarship develop to continue its relevance, both academically and societally? In the spirit of this topic, we want to invite scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to join us as we explore what emerging trends and practices mean for research surrounding mobile media and communication. Moreover, we are happy to announce our local host, Prof. dr. Christian Licoppe, as our keynote speaker. Please find the fall Call-for-Papers with all the details about the preconference here! We hope to see you in Paris!