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Call for Nominations
Mobile Communication Interest Group

The Mobile Communication Interest Group is soliciting nominations and self-nominations to run for the following positions for the Mobile Communication Interest Group: 

(1) Secretary
(2) Early Career Representative
(3) Internationalization Liaison


This opportunity is an excellent chance to expand your disciplinary service and help our growing interest group continue to thrive.


Desired candidates are active members of the Mobile Communication Interest Group. Candidates must be able to attend the Mobile Communication business meetings at the ICA annual meetings in Paris, France (2022), Toronto, Canada (2023), and Gold Coast, Australia (2024).



The Secretary, along with the Chair, Vice Chair, and Past Chair, comprise the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will:

A. Assist in the conduct of business related to the Section.

B. Recommend members of the Section to serve on designated Association committees.

C. Recommend members of the Section for ICA awards.


As stated in the ByLaws,

(c) The Secretary shall maintain, distribute, and obtain Section approval of minutes for Section business meetings; manage the Section space on the ICA website and other external communication; distribute messages via the Section listserv as appropriate; assist the Chair in administering business meetings; and participate with the Chair in evaluating the quality of Section programs.


The secretary is a central position in the interest group, helping to contribute to building the membership and the general position of mobile communication within the ICA. The individual, along with other members of the Executive Committee, will be asked to attend sessions at the annual meeting to help work out logistical issues. 


Early Career Representative

As stated in the ByLaws,

The Early Career Representative shall assist the Executive Committee with planning Section activities and initiatives, and shall seek new Section members especially among scholars at an early stage of their careers.


This is an ideal position for a late-stage Ph.D. candidate or post-doc. The Early Career Representative should help circulate calls for proposals, take on ad hoc tasks, and encourage prospective members. The individual will work with the Mobile Communication Executive Committee members to develop programming and consider new projects that will strengthen the interest group and build the scholarly community. The position offers the incumbent visibility and the opportunity to network. The individual, along with members of the Executive Committee, will be asked to attend sessions at the annual meeting to help work out logistical issues.


The desired candidate is an early career researcher (pre-tenure) with research and teaching interests in mobile communication.


Internationalization Liaison

As stated in the ByLaws,

The International Liaison shall advise the Executive Committee on matters of geographical inclusivity, and shall seek new Section members especially in under-represented parts of the world.


Although Mobile Communication is one of the most global sections of ICA, the Internationalization Liaison is still important in a number of respects. Like nearly every other ICA unit, Mobile Communication would be well-served by more members from the Global South. It is also important to stimulate and highlight scholarship from/about these regions. In recent years, ICA has made a strong push in Africa and the results are promising. The Internationalization Liaison, along with members of the Executive Committee, will be asked to attend sessions at the annual meeting to help work out logistical issues.


Submitting Nominations

Please send your nomination to Lynne Kelly (, Chair of the Nomination Committee, by July 8. Your nomination needs to include the candidate’s CV and a brief statement (no more than 2,000 characters or about 300 words) in support of yourself/the candidate for whichever of the positions for which you are submitting a nomination. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please also provide contact information for the candidate. The other members of the Nominating Committee are Rich Ling (, Keri Stephens (, and Jakob Ohme ( The committee will review the nominations and select those to put forward in the election process. Only the candidate’s statement is submitted to ICA to be included in the election process. ICA Elections begin on September 1, 2021. If you have further questions about the position or the nomination process, please contact Lynne Kelly ( or other Nominating Committee members before July 8th.