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Call for Nominations for Vice-Chair

We are currently soliciting nominations and self-nominations for the position of Vice-Chair of the ICA Mobile Communication Interest Group. This is a key leadership position that provides the individual with the opportunity to help shape and advance the group, the sub-discipline, as well as enable our growing interest group to continue to thrive. The term of the Vice-Chair would begin on the last day of the ICA Annual Conference in Denver, USA, in 2021 and is a four-year commitment serving two years as Vice-Chair and then assuming the position of Chair for two years.


Description and Duties of the Vice-Chair


The Vice-Chair is a member of the interest group’s executive committee. As stated in the Mobile Communication Interest Group ByLaws:


The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chair in administering Section business meetings; participate with the Chair in evaluating the quality of Section convention programs; administer the selection of competitive and noncompetitive papers/programs for conventions and notify contributors and the Association of papers/programs that are selected. The Vice-Chair shall also assist the Chair when requested, and assume the duties of Chair in the event of the latter’s absence, disability, or request.

Perhaps the main task of the Vice-Chair is the planning of the Mobile Communication pre-conference in Paris (2022) and Toronto (2023). Subsequently, as Chair, the individual would have the primary responsibility to plan the Interest Group program for the 2024 (TBD) and 2025 (Honolulu) conferences.  


Desired candidates are active members of the Mobile Communication Interest Group. Candidates must be able to attend the Mobile Communication business meetings at the ICA annual meetings in Denver, USA (2021); Paris, France (2022); Toronto, Canada (2023); TBD (2024); and Honolulu (2025).


Submitting Nominations

Please send your nomination to Lynne Kelly, Chair of the Nominating Committee, by July 10, 2020. Your nomination needs to include the candidate’s CV and a brief statement (no more than 2,000 characters or about 300 words) in support of yourself/the candidate for the position. The  other members of the Nominating Committee are Rich Ling (, Keri Stephens (, and Jakob Ohme ( The committee will review the nominations and select those to put forward in the election process. Only the candidate’s statement is submitted to ICA to be included in the election process. ICA Elections begin on September 1, 2020. If you have further questions about the position or the nomination process, please contact Lynne Kelly ( or other Nominating Committee members before July 10th.

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