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ICA 23 activities of the 
Mobile Communication Division

2023 Early Career Lunch

On May 27 at 12:15 PM, we hosted a fantastic Student and Early Career lunch. We met outside the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, located at 123 Queen St W, and strode across the street to the nearby park to enjoy our picnic lunch. It was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with old acquaintances and forge new relationships.


We invited all ICA attendees, whether online or on-site, to share how mobile media impacted their ICA 23 conference experience. 

Our members came up with some fun and creative posts!


2023 Mobile Communication Presentations 

HYBRID: Mobility as Central for Mobile Communication, Standard Paper Session, Chairs: Markos Mpadanes, U of Zurich; Chikezie Uzuegbunam, Rhodes U

The Psychological Influence of Number of Profiles and Decision Mode on Dating Apps: When Locomotion is Self-Devaluing. M.F. Thomas; A. Binder; J. Matthes

Differentiating Bounded and Locational Connected Mobility: Comparing Mobile Media Use While Moving About Home Versus Town in Two Countries. S.W. Campbell; M.Q. Ross; F. Liang; R. Ling

Reclaiming Authentic Creative Practices in Networked Mobility Environments. A. de Souza e Silva; M. Xiong-Gum

Social Media Sensitivity Across People and Places. S. Vaid; L. Kroencke; M. Roshanei; S. Talaifar; J. Hancock; M. Back; S. Gosling; N. Ram; G.M. Harari

Mediated Choice: The Politics of Body, Time and Space in Mobile Match-Making Practices in China. Y. Xu; R. An


Mobile Communication Welcome Meeting, Chair: Keri Stephens, The U of Texas at Austin; With contributions from Veronika Karnowski, Adriana de Souza e Silva, Mariek Vanden Abeele, Anneleen Meeus, and Rich Ling.


Disconnection by Option or Force, Standard Paper Session, Chair: Tom De Leyn, imec-mict-UGent

Mobile Phones, Live-In Domestic Workers in the Philippines, and the Transformation Everyday Life. C. Uy-Tioco

Silent Yet Not Deserted: Associations Between Ringer Modes, Mobile Phone Use, and Digital Stress. L. Nassen; K. Karsay

Postdigital Consumption: The Controversy Surrounding the Mobile Phone Box as a Means of Disconnection. T. Syvertsen; K. Fast

What (Missing) the Smartphone Means: A Deprivation Study of Teenagers. H. Rosenberg; M. Blondheim

Is Life Brighter When Your Phone Is Not? The Efficacy of a Grayscale Smartphone Intervention Addressing Digital Well-Being: A MixedMethod Study. C.A. Dekker; S.E. Baumgartner


Worth the Hype? Integrating the Concept of Mindfulness in Studying Mobile Communication, Panel Session, Chairs: Anna Freytag & Dorothée Hefner, Hannover U of Music, Drama and Media; Discussant: Sophie Janicke-Bowles,

Mindful Everyday Disconnection: Well-Being Effects of Being Mindfully (Dis-) Connected. J. Klingelhoefer; A. Meier

Take a Deep Breath, Then Check Your Messages: Experimentally Investigating the Moderating Effect of Mindfulness in the Interplay of Social Pressure to be Available and Messenger Users’ Well-/Ill-Being. S. Lutz; A. Halfmann; F.M. Schneider

Mindfulness for Internet Use Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta -Analysis. J. Fendel; S. Schmidt

Mobile-Based Mind-Body Interventions: Recommendations for Future Research. Y. Kang; E.B. Falk

PM On-the-Go or In-the-Moment? Testing the Impact of Movement and Mobile App Use on Mindfulness. R. Pourafshari; M.Q. Ross; L. Rhee; H. Le; J. Mount; Y. Chang; J.B. Bayer

Mindful Perspectives: Exploring the Possibilities for Integrating the Concept of Mindfulness in Mobile Communication Studies. A. Freytag; D. Hefner


HYBRID: Mobile and Generational Use, Standard Paper Session, Chairs: Anneleen Meeus, KU Leuven; Kennedy Ng'ang'a, Daystar

“They Say It Has Ruined Their Lives”: A Mixed-Method Study of How Digital Natives Judge Their Own and Other People’s Smartphone Use K. Fast; A. Jansson; S. Bengtsson; J. Lindell

Getting Grandma a Smartphone: Negotiation of Digital Practices by Low-Income Female Elder Adults in the Global South in Response to Accelerated Digitization Under COVID-19 X. Pei; T. Chen; L. Zhang

“I Don’t Send Photos That Make Us Look Rich”: Visualising Relational Care Among Ageing Migrants During a Pandemic E.B. Cabalquinto

Why Do They Stay Away From Smartphones? An Ethnographic Investigation of the Digital Disconnection of the Rural Elderly in China J. Wu; H. Zhang; W. Liu

Youth and Mobile Phone: Construction of a Friendship Culture in Bangladeshi Telecommunication Advertising M. Alam


Mobile Privacy and Ethics, Panel Session, Mobile Communication, Chair: Didem Özkul, Bilkent University; Discussant: Lee Humphreys, Cornell U

Data Mobility, Privacy and Ethics: Where Do Qualitative Data ‘Live’? D. Özkul; L. Humphreys

"Does This Beep Interfere With What You Are Doing?" Ethical Privacy Guidelines For the Use of Mobile Media as Both Research Instrument and Object of Study M. Vanden Abeele; A.Z. Yee

Collateral Data Subjects and Mobile Tracking: Contextual Integrity in Ubiquitous Landscapes J. Pridmore

 Safety or Surveillance? Design Imperatives for Enhancing Children's Mobile Privacy S. Lim


Mobile Communication Escalator Session, Discussants: Jeffrey Boase, U of Toronto; Adriana de Souza e Silva, North Carolina State U; Cecilia Uy-Tioco, California State U

From “Taxi-Driver Village” to “Didi-Driver Village”: The Deconstruction of Identity Community Among Migrant Taxi Drivers in South China J. Xu

Homelessness in Shanghai Airport During the Pandemic Lockdown: From an Actor-Network Perspective L. Yifei; L. Shi

Explicating the Mobile as a Social Instrument: The interplay Between Interaction and Energy Recovery Use A. Fernández


Mobile Devices and Social Media, Standard Paper Session, Chair: Yuyang Ye, Freie U Berlin;

Headlines, Pictures, Likes: Attention to Social Media Newsfeed Post Elements Across Devices and Usage Environments A. Mayer; J. Ohme; E. Maslowska; C.M. Segijn

Assessing Spatial and Temporal Conditions of Mobile News Usage and Learning in an ESM Study J. Ohme; R. Toth

How Do Smartphone Users Access the Web?: A Top Tasks Analysis of Mobile Browser Use L. Fichte; C. York


Mobile Communication Poster Session, Poster Session

Integrating Levels of Selective Exposure: Mobile Self-Enhancement Reduces Downward Comparison on Social Media M.Q. Ross; C. Cosma; S. Knobloch-Westerwick

“Check This Out! ” A Qualitative Analysis of Donated Messenger Chats About Media Content J. Schindler; C. Rockenstein; C. Bürgel; A. Bartsch


Digital Wellbeing and Emotions, Standard Paper Session, Chair: Noel McGuire, Chapman University

Trapped Between Self-Control Failure and Norm Violation? How Users’ Mobile Messaging Behavior During Task Engagement Influences Negative Self-Conscious Emotions A. Halfmann; A. Meier; L. Reinecke

Do Smartphones Make Us Sad? It Depends How You Measure It, Evidence From Pakistan Based on Logged Data W. Ejaz; S. Altay; G. Naeem

The Mediating Role of Social Support and Social Comparison: Impact and Comparison of Active WeChat and Weibo Usage on Subjective Well-Being Y. DENG; Y. Yan; J. Igartua

Getting Tired of Social Media? A Meta-Analysis of the Precursors and the Major Consequence of Social Media Fatigue M. Ou; H. Zheng; H.K. Kim; X. Chen

Assessing Behavioral Intentions for the Use of Wearable Fitness Trackers Following the COVID-19 Pandemic L. Dam; N. Pennington


HYBRID: High Density, Mobile Devices and Health, High-Density Paper Session, Chairs: Ellie Yang, Northwest Missouri State University; Jonalou Labor, U of the Philippines Diliman

A Facilitation of Coping? Is Phone Use Associated With Less Effort When Coping With a Stressful Situation? L.N. Wolfers

Does Being ‘Always On’ Burn Us Out? Exploring Associations Between Perceived Availability Pressure, Online Vigilance and Subjective Fatigue in a Large-Scale Experience Sampling Study Involving Smartphone Trace Data K. Van Gaeveren; M. Vanden Abeele

Who Gets It Right? An Exploratory Study Testing Whether Individual Narratives of Digital Well-Being Align With Quantitative Observations of Psychological States and Smartphone Trace Data D. de Segovia Vicente; K. Van Gaeveren; M. Vanden Abeele

Emotion Regulation via Spontaneous Movement and Mobile App Use C.M. Henry; M.Q. Ross; L. Rhee; H. Le; J. Mount; Y. Chang; R. Smith; J.B. Bayer

PM Mobile Media Use and Sleep: A Systematic Review A. Jansen

From Bliss to Burden: An Ethnography on People's Systems of Survival in Everyday Digitalized Life S. Van Bruyssel; M. Vanden Abeele; R. De Wolf

Young People's Health Imaginaries in Everyday Life: Using Digital and Social media for Health-Related Information-Seeking C.E. Uzuegbunam

Mapping the Impact of m-Health on Child: A Systematic Review Q. Jiang; Y. Xu; Y. Zhang; Z. Chen

Study on the Evolution of the Diversity of User News Consumption in the Mobile Media Environment Y. Deng; J. Fan; L. Zhang


Top Papers in Mobile Communication, Standard Paper Session, Chair: Keri Stephens, The U of Texas at Austin

A Tale of Two Concepts: Differential Temporal Predictions of Habitual and Compulsive Social Media Use Concerning Connection Overload and Sleep Quality K. Koban; A. Stevic; J. Matthes

Should I Stay (Online) or Should I Go (Offline)? How Conflicting Norms of Disconnection and Availability Correlate With Mobile Media Use Across Generations S. Geber; M. Nguyen; M. Büchi

Person- and Situation-Specific Variance in Media Use: A MetaAnalysis A. Schnauber-Stockmann; M. Scharkow; V. Karnowski; T.K. Naab; D.M. Schlütz; P. Pressmann

Does the Mere Presence of a Smartphone Impact Cognitive Performance? A Meta-Analysis of the “Brain Drain Effect” D.A. Parry


Thinking Beyond Equity and Mobile Use, High-Density Paper Session, Chairs: Leah Komen, Daystar U; Yongnam Jung, Pennsylvania State U

Rebuilding Authenticity at the Margins: A Socio-Technical Approach for Investigating Mis/Disinformation in the Lives of Immigrants C. Ekmekcioglu

Theorizing "Mobile Memory Leapfrogging": A Case Study of Digital Holocaust Memory Culture in the Global South N. Tirosh; R. MikelArieli

Defining Location-Based Micromobility as Mobility Justice in Global Urban Spaces A. de Souza e Silva

Mediatized Battlefield Versus Forced Counter-Mediatization: Towards the New Doctrine of Mobile Communication Warfare R. Horbyk

Mobile Phones and Collective Action Essence: How Belief in Mobile Devices as a Tool for Protest Influences Collective Actions Amongst the Far-Right I. Hawkins; S.W. Campbell; A. Gelderman

A Mobility Justice Critique of People With Disabilities and Older Adults’ Inclusion in Autonomous Public Transport in Singapore W. Tan; S. Ho

"He Would Gaslight Me About Not Wanting to Send it": Agency and Sexual Harassment on Instagram and Snapchat Z. Dayton; J.A. Scarduzio; M. Adams

Just Flex, It’s the Social Media Complex: TikTok Videos as a Propaganda Tool for the U.S. Military B. Davidson; J. Oktavianus; M. Moskovljevic


HYBRID: Mobility and Relationships, Standard Paper Session, Chair: David Stokes, UCLA

Who “Phubs”? A Systematic Meta-Analytic Review of Phubbing Predictors A. Arenz; A. Schnauber-Stockmann

Phub You Too! Exploring the Link Between Individuals’ Dual Role Partner Phubbing Experiences and Relationship Satisfaction J.M. Schokkenbroek; W. Hardyns; M. Vanden Abeele; K. Ponnet

"Live the Moment Leave the Phone" a Content Consumption Perspective on Phubbing D. Köse

Support-Seeking in Romantic Relationships via Texting: The Role of Attachment Styles and Affordances Y. Chen; A. Peebles; R.M. Lu; C. Mahoney; S. Cadua

Direct Sale as an Expectancy Violation of Friendship on WeChat X. Fan


Measuring, Mapping, and Mobile Tools, High-Density Paper Session, Chairs: Morgan Ross, The Ohio State U; Boyuan Wang, Shanghai Jiaotong

Neoliberal Cartography: Maps in Mobile Online Navigational Apps R. Ribak; I. Baum

Fifty Shades of ‘Screen Time’: Adding Dimensions Beyond 'Frequency' and 'Duration' to Map the Rhythms of Everyday Smartphone Use K. Van Gaeveren; M. Vanden Abeele

Measuring Youth Digital Media Use: A Comparison of App- and WebBased Mobile Experience Sampling Tools S. Mayen; A. Reinhardt; C. Wilhelm

Authenticity in Multicultural Disaster Risk Resilience: Mobile App as Tools for Culturally Competent Community Engagement in Australia K. Delmo; N. Krikowa; M. McDonald; I. Vuong

Authentic Stories on Mobile Screens: Walking Through Singapore's History C. Ritter

Mobile Compensation for Distance: Mediated Parenting Practices of Chinese Internal Migrant Families N. Liu

The Effects of Fragmented and Sticky Smartphone Usage on Distraction and Task Delay T. Siebers; I. Beyens; T. Verbeij; P. Valkenburg

“Casual Instagram”: An Investigation of Performative Authenticity A. Pace; S. Wheeler; J. Shuey; D.C. Jeong

Transcendent Parenting, Sharenting, and Children’s Mobile Privacy Management D. Özkul; A. Dal; L. Baruh


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