#ica22 activities of the 
Mobile Communication Interest Group

Social Events of the Mobile Comm Interest Group at and before the Paris ICA Conference, 26-30 May 2022

Mobile Comm Literature Hunt – World Map Edition

Get ready to look into some old and some new Mobile Comm Literature! It is easy to take part and it also does not take too much time. You have to fulfill four short literature hunt tasks in the week before virtual ICA from May, 18- May, 23. 

You can register here: https://uva.fra1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cGyX3afdONSA9Rc

You will then get more information shortly before the start. The lit hunt is perfect for all early-career scholars but also for more experienced scholars who like to find new pieces of Mobile Comm literature. As a result, we will build a map of all submitted MobileComm papers!

Topic Coffee Sessions with Mobile Comm Scholars 

In the week prior to ICA from May 16-May 20, we will have 'Topic Coffee' sessions. Different hosts will invite mobile communication scholars to participate in informal virtual chats about a preselected topic. Sessions will be short (around 30 min) and focused on networking with scholars who do similar research. No preparation is needed – just enjoy an exchange about research and getting to know other scholars!

We will publish a schedule of the different Topic Coffees as soon as it is available and then publish a registration link here.

Stay tuned!

Early Career Lunch At ICA in Paris

On Friday, May, 27, we will meet somewhere in or in front of the conference hotel and go for a lunch or a picnic together. Are you an early-career mobile communication scholar and interested to get to know new people? Just join us! Time and place will be announced when we are in Paris and Lara has found a good slot for this.

If you have any questions concerning the events, feel free to reach out to ICA Student and Early Career Scholars Representative Lara Wolfers (l.n.wolfers@uva.nl) and International Liaison Representative Hoan Nguyen (hoannguy@usc.edu).

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