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To recognize outstanding scholarship in our subfield, the Mobile Communication Division presents several awards and prizes: a Top Paper award, an Emerging Scholar grant and a Top Dissertation award. 

Top Papers


Each year, the Division hosts a special session immediately preceding the Business Meeting, composed of the highest rated papers submitted to Mobile Communication (using the scoring from blind peer review). 


Eligibility: Research papers (not extended abstracts) submitted to the Mobile Communication Division for sessions at the ICA main conference.

2024 Top Papers


Sharing is Caring: The Positive Role of Smartphone Co-use in Social Dynamics 

Anja Stevic, University of Vienna

Anneleen Meeus, KU Leuven

Momentary Motivations for Digital Disconnection: An Experience Sampling Study

Adrian Meier, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität

Alicia Gilbert, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Julius Klingelhöfer, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität

Conflicting Norms around Mobile Media Dis/Connection and State Mindfulness: A Vignette Experiment

Minh Hao Nguyen, University of Amsterdam

Sarah Geber, University of Zürich


Hybrid Spaces Revisited: Adjusting the Apertures of a Trifocal Lens 

Adriana de Souza e Silva, North Carolina State University 

Scott Campbell, University of Michigan

2023 Top Papers

Award winning paper

Person- and Situation-Specific Variance in Media Use: A Meta-Analysis

Anna Schnauber-Stockmann, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Michael Scharkow, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Veronika Karnowski, University of Technology Chemnitz

Teresa K. Naab, University of Mannheim

Daniela M. Schlütz, Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Paul Pressmann, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz



Does the Mere Presence of a Smartphone Impact Cognitive Performance? A Meta-analysis of the “Brain Drain Effect”

Douglas A. Parry, Setellenbosch University


Should I Stay (Online) or Should I Go (Offline)? How Conflicting Norms of Disconnection and Availability Correlate With Mobile Media Use Across Generations

Sarah Geber, University of Zürich

Minh Hao Nguyen, University of Amsterdam

Moritz Büchi


A Tale of Two Concepts. Differential Temporal Predictions of Habitual and Compulsive Social Media Use Concerning Connection Overload and Sleep Quality

Kevin Koban, University of Vienna

Anja Stevic, University of Vienna

Jörg Matthes, University of Vienna

2022 Top Papers

Award winning papers (score-tie)

Mobile Phones and Power Relationships: Understanding the Agentic Motivations and Strategies of North Korean Defectors by Gabrielle C. Ibasco, University of British Columia

Arul Chib, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Juhee Kang 


Hybrid War, Hybrid Peace: Mobile Communication at the Frontline in Eastern Ukraine

Roman Horbyk, Södertörn University

2021 Top Papers

Award winning paper

Smartphones as Actors: A New Digital Disability Care Actor-Network in China

Zhongxuan Lin, Jinan University

Liu Yang, Sun Yat-Sen University


A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Examining the Accuracy of Self-reported Digital Media Use

Douglas Parry, Stellenbosch U

Brittany Davidson, U of Bath

Craig Sewall, U of Pittsburgh

Jacob Fisher, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hannah Mieczkowski, Stanford U

Mobile Media, Glocal Intimacies, and the Contradictions of Access in the Philippines

Cecilia Uy-Tioco, California State U, San Marcos,

Jason Vincent Cabanes, De La Salle U


How and when do mobile media demands impact well-being? Explicating the integrative model of mobile media use and need experiences (IM3UNE)

Frank Schneider, U of Mannheim

Sarah Lutz, U of Mannheim

Annabell Halfmann, U of Mannheim

Adrian Meier, Johannes Gutenberg U of Mainz

Leonard Reinecke, Johannes Gutenberg U of Mainz

2020 Top Papers

Award winning paper

Digital Wellbeing as a Dynamic Construct

Mariek Vanden Abeele, Tilburg University


What determines instant messaging communication? Examining the impact of person- and situation-level factors on IM responsiveness and perceived stress

Leyla Dogruel, Mainz University

Nomopobia and phubbing among Taiwanese emerging adults: Investigating affective smartphone use and family cohesion
Trisha T. C. Lin, National Chengchi University

Mobile Networked Creativity: Understanding creativity as open communication

Adriana de Souza e Silva, North Carolina State University 

2019 Top Papers

Award winning paper

Wechat Use of Mainland Chinese Dual Migrants in Daily Border Crossing

Bei Ju, United Nations U-CS, MACAU


Participants More Than Words - The Integrative Power of the Mobile Phone as “a Reciprocal Technology” for Micromobilization

Jun Liu, U of Copenhagen, DENMARK

Mobile but Not Mobilised? Differential Gains from Mobile News Consumption for Citizens’ Election Campaign Engagement

Jakob Ohme, U of Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Tinder Passport and Grindr Explore: Traveling in the International Date-O-Sphere

Muira McCammon, U of Pennsylvania, USA

Emerging Scholar Grant


Each year, the Division offers a cash prize to further early-stage research projects with significant potential. The Awards Committee reviews submissions each spring and selects up to three recipients of the grant. 


Eligibility: Early-career researchers (pre-tenure) who are members of ICA and the Mobile Communication Division.

2023 Emerging scholar grant

Understanding the Association between Digital Disconnection and Psychological Well-being, a Daily Diary Approach

Lise-Marie Nassen, KU Leuven

2022 Emerging scholar grant

The mediating role of social support and social comparison: Impact and Comparison of WeChat and Weibo usage behaviors on subjective well-being

Yuying Deng, University of Salamanca

2021 Emerging scholar grants

Towards a Spatial Grounding of Mediated and Non-mediated Communication to Capture Hybrid Communication through Chat App

Deepti Singh Apte, Symbiosis International (deemed) University

"Digital Boutiques” on WhatsApp and Facebook in Niger: Exploring Their Affordances and Uses Across Gender, Literacy, and Status

Ibrahim Maïdakouale, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté 

2020 Emerging scholar grants

Always connected: The context and consequences of ubiquitous screen media exposure among preadolescents

Anneleen Meeus, Doctoral Researcher, KU Leuven


Third person effect and mobile media use

Archana Krishnan, SUNY Albany

2019 Emerging scholar grants

Smart Phones and Social Media Fatigue

Minh Hao Nguyen


Touch Screens, Mobile News Consumption, and Fake News

Zhixin Giselle Pu

WhatsApp with Politics?! Examining how social networks—within instant messaging apps—affect engagement with political news

Susan Vermeer

The Emerging Scholar Grant is awarded annually. A call-for-submissions is announced in Winter-Spring.

Dissertation Award


Offered in odd-numbered years, this award recognizes ambitious and significant scholarship completed in a doctoral dissertation.

Eligibility: Members of the Division who have defended a dissertation during the two calendar years preceding the ICA annual meeting.

2023 Dissertation Award

Stress Management and Coping Using Smartphones by Mothers of Young Children

Lara Wolfers, University of Hohenheim

2021 Dissertation Award

Urban Digital Inequality: Adversity and adaption in the network society

Will Marler, University of Zurich

2019 Dissertation Award

Everyday Multiscreening: How the simultaneous usage of multiple screens affects information processing and advertising effectiveness

Claire M. Segijn

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