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Papers for the 2020 ICA
Mobile Communication Interest Group

Session 1 Top paper Chair: Rich Ling  

•    Digital Wellbeing as a Dynamic Construct: Vanden Abeele, Mariek

•    What determines instant messaging communication? Examining the impact of person- and situation-level factors on IM responsiveness and perceived stress: Dogruel, Leyla

•    Nomopobia and phubbing among Taiwanese emerging adults: Investigating affective smartphone use and family cohesion: Lin, Trisha T. C.

•    Mobile Networked Creativity: Understanding creativity as open communication: de Souza e Silva, Adriana


Session 2 Privacy and data Chair: Colin Agur

•    Mobile Netware, Social Graphs, and the Reconfiguration of Space: Agur, Colin

•    Mobile data donations: Assessing self-report accuracy, sample biases and predictive validity of mobile news use: Ohme, Jakob

•    Feature Creep or Just Plain Creepy? How Advances in “Smart” Technologies Affect Attitudes Toward Data Privacy: Vitak, Jessica

•    Privacy Concerns Can Stress You Out: Investigating the Reciprocal Relationship Between Privacy Concerns and Stress: Stevic, Anja


Session 3 Global dimensions of mobile phone culture, Chair Cecilia Uy-Tioko 

•    Finding rest in the unrest: Migrant domestic workers’ smartphone use in a crisis experience: Oktavianus, Jeffry

•    We are no longer “digital minority”: The effects of the old migrators’ smartphone use on family decision-making (in Abstract): Xiong, Hui

•    North Korea’s Mobile Communication and its In-between Spaces: Choi, Sunkyung

•    What Lies Beneath?: Transcending Access and Transformative potential of New Media in the Global South: Tallam, Edwin

•    The Igorot Village Goes Digital: Experiences of indigeneity and digital connectedness in Mountain Province, Philippines: Zapata, Dazzelyn

•    Gender Differences in Social Media Use and Digital Literacy through Mobile Communication: Suwana, Fiona


Session 4 Escalator session Chair: Rich Ling

•    Approaching emerging communication forms: Salte, Luise

•    A Cross-cultural Study on Selfie-editing: Appearance Concerns and Social Comparison: Qin, Yuren

•    Mediated Festival: The Transformation of Festival Experience: Feng, Xian

•    Reformation or reconstruction: transformation in social interaction and networking by transformation in information interaction: Wang, Yang


Session 5 Power, agency, and social context in the use of mobile communication, Chair: Adriana de Souza e Silva   

•    Mobile Carework: Transnational Filipino Migrants, Caregiving, and Family Intimacy: Uy-Tioco, Cecilia

•    “NO! We don’t have a joint account”: The Smartphone and M-banking in the lives of married women in western rural Kenya: Komen, Leah

•    The Power Divide: Mobile Communication in Los Angeles’ Skid Row: Galperin, Hernan

•    ‘Mobile internet is worse than the internet; it can destroy our community’ Old Order Amish and Ultra-Orthodox women’s responses to cellphone and smartphone use: Neriya-Ben Shahar, Rivka


Session 6 The appification of mobile communication, Chair: Gerard Goggin 

•    An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand the Diffusion: Predicting the Installation of Mobile Applications with Computational Methods: Sun, Mengru

•    An Exploration of the Affordances of M-Pesa’s Group Accounts: A Socio-Technical Examination of Shared Mobile Payment: Agur, Colin

•    Mobile Money transfer saga in Africa: The case of Mpesa in Kenya: Lando, Agnes Lucy

•    Framing government: A content analysis of official Tik Tok accounts in China: Jia, Zhemin

•    Moving Forward or Stepping Back? Understanding How WhatsApp Users Understand the Forwarded Tag: Tandoc, Edson

•    Are you the hook-up type? Identifying socio-demographic factors that predict US-based college students’ likelihood of using online dating applications for hook-ups.: Paul, Aditi

•    Understanding Gen Z audiences: social news use and trust: Lee, Jee Young


Sesson 7 Mobile communication and the self, Chair: Joe Bayer

•    Understanding Self-Phones: The Dimensions of Smartphone Self-Extension: Ross, Morgan

•    A Vicious Circle between Children’s Non-Communicative Smartphone Use and Loneliness: Parents Cannot Do Anything About It: Stevic, Anja

•    Smartphones and psychological well-being in China: Comparing WeChat with other uses: Chan, Michael

•    Influence of Camera View on TikTok Users’ Presence, Immersion, and Adoption Intent of Smart Home Technologies: Wang, Yunwen


Session 8 Paying attention and paying for attention, Chair: Rich Ling 

•    “I Can Multitask": The Mediating Role of Media Consumption on Executive Function’s Relationship to Technoference Attitudes: Jesse King 

•    Supporting mHealth apps as a new cause-related marketing strategy? Assessing sponsor’s real motives attributions mediating users’ evaluations of the app and sponsor: Joo, Eunsin

•    Mobile social media marketing acceptance towards destination loyalty: An empirical study on cultural heritage: Sharmin, Farzana

•    Mobile vs. Desktop: Assessing Exposure and Effects of Branded Social Media Content with Eye Tracking: Maslowska, Ewa


Session 9 mHealth and Wellbeing, Chair: Sven Joekel 

•    Theory-Based Social and Non-social Engagement Features in Smoking Cessation Mobile Apps: A Content Analysis: Yang, Qinghua

•    A Pilot Study and Ecological Model of Smoking Cues to Inform mHealth Strategies for Quitting among Low-income Smokers: Zhou, Shuo

•    If all the others are doing it…Analyzing the Influence of Social Comparison and Privacy Attitudes on mHealth App Use: Joeckel, Sven

•    #Thinspiration and Negative Body Image Messaging: A Content Analysis of Pro-Ana Messaging Across Social Networking Sites: Bissell, Kim


Session 10 Adoring our phones (too much?) Chair: Lee Humphreys 

•    Being separated from your phone for a week - The emotional effects of smartphone separation and the role of personality factors and usual phone usage: Carolus, Astrid

•    Unveiling FoMO as explanation of nomophobia; Its impact and how mobile internet restriction can help: Portegies, Tijs

•    Too Much or Too Little Messaging? Situational Determinants of Guilt About Mobile Messenger Usage: Halfmann, Annabell

•    The role of dispositional trust, social anxiety and smartphone use in predicting smartphone addiction: Annoni, Anna Maria


Session 11 New directions in mobile research, Chair: Cecilia Uy-Tioko

•    Social Face and Smartphone Hedonic-Utilitarian Functionality in China: Su, Linsen

•    Diffusion of Innovations: A Study of Rate of Adoption of Mobile Banking Apps in Kenya: Ndwiga, Patrick

•    A communication competence approach to examining mobile communication, social support, and life satisfaction: Liu, Liping

•    Domesticating Dating Apps: Gay Men's Negotiations of Dating App Use in Romantic Relationships: Wu, Shangwei


Session 12 The many dimensions of mobile communication, Chair: Rich Ling  

•    Sensing The Dark Triad With Smartphones: Everyday Behavioral Manifestations of Psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and Narcissism: Vaid, Sumer

•    Investigating “in-between”-times: an inter-situational comparison: Görland, Stephan

•    Reframing time with social media: The reconsideration of virtual time. Kim, Kyounghwa

•    Digital Media as Ambiguous Goods: An Exploratory Study of Belgians’ Experience of Digital Wellbeing and Their Use of Digital Wellbeing Interventions: Vanden Abeele, Mariek

•    Smartphones and Social Support: Longitudinal Associations between Smartphone Use/Dependency and Types of Support: Zhao, Pengfei

•    Mobile Memories: Digital Interactions with Physical Memorials: Hugentobler, Larissa


Mobile Communication IG Poster session 

•    From waifus to whales: The evolution of discourse in the r/grandorder competitive community of practice: Britt, Brian

•    Disconnect to Reconnect: Young Adults’ Experiences of Social Media Disconnection in Relation to Wellbeing: Nguyen, Minh Hao

•    Contextual Privacy and Smart Speakers: Exploring Privacy Concern Types: Newlands, Gemma

•    The Impact of Mobile News Sources on Audiences’ Assessment of News Fakeness: Tsang, Stephanie Jean

•    Mobile Communicating Place and Place-Inscribed Communicative Mobilities: An Ethnography of Cross-Border Shopping Practice: Xie, Zhuoxiao

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